The People's House of God



Stewardship ... Helping us to grow !!

There is a part of having something that always makes it seem uncomfortable or bothersome. When we as the people of God decide that it is time to be serious about having a ministry we can call our own there has to be an awkward times when we must ask for help. We will always seek help for from God first and foremost, knowing that He will provide for us all we need. However we do need help from our brothers and sisters in Christ, our friends and even those who don't know Christ yet! it is our duty as Christians to help with the financial needs of the ministry so that we can provide all the ministries to all God's people and grow and expand the ministries and add others!  

I as the pastor and the others who are a part of this ministry welcome all who are interested in helping out our ministry with their donations, their gifts, and talents.  Your donations to the ministry are tax deductible so you can get a break on your taxes for your gracious gift!  Donations can be sent by check, money order or cash.  A receipt will be sent to you for records. temporarily the donation will have to be sent via snail mail until I can get a PayPal widget set up on the site. Will be coming soon. Send donations to The People's House of God Ministries C/O Reverend Steven A Blest Sr.   @ 2111 NW 57th Ave Lauderhill, Fl 33313.

The ministry, I, and most of all, God thanks you for your support of this ministry. We hope that it will be a blessing to God and His people.

Prayerfully hoping and believing that God will help us through all things!!

Your pastor,

Reverend Steven Allen Blest Sr.