The People's House of God




I am available to officiate at your wedding. I can do what ever kind of ceremony you would like.  


I can conduct funeral services for the dear departed at the funeral home and at the grave sight as well. Can also officiate at cremation or ashes spreading ceremony.


I can perform the sacrament of Baptism at the place you choose.

Holy Sacrament of Communion

I can administer the sacrament of Communion at the place you choose and or the event you are having.

Pastoral Counseling

I can conduct pastoral counseling sessions at the place you choose.

A nominal donation for all ministries and services is greatly appreciated and needed to off set the operating cost of the ministry and services provided. Questions of the amount of the donation will be discussed prior to the commencement of services and collected at the completion of services. The People's House of God Ministries   thanks you for your help and use of our ministries!

God bless you all !!